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          1. We Tried ZEYA Hard Seltzer... and So Should You!

            By That's Shanghai, March 12, 2021

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            We Try It is a regular series where we try the latest off-beat food and beverage offerings.

            Launched as LINGYA last fall, the good people behind China’s first hard seltzer have been keeping their ears to the ground, and they have heard you calling for a little bit more bang for your buck... a little bit more of a buzz when you are imbibing.

            Ladies and gentlemen, we give you ZEYA Hard Seltzer, LINGYA reborn as a 4.5% ABV (up from 3.8%) high-quality vodka, sparkling water and fruit essence blend. Each can is just 84 calories and zero grams of sugar and fat.


            Available in four delicious flavors – white peach, grapefruit, passion fruit & cucumber – ZEYA Hard Seltzer is more fun, with the same great taste, or so the theory goes. We put that theory to the test...

            Ned Kelly

            “The fruit flavoring is a bit more subtle due to the increased alcohol, which makes it way more sessionable, and it negates the need to turbo charge it with vodka or gin to start feeling the good, good vibes. A definite improvement. Thumbs up.

            Ryan Gandolfo

            “Great for shotgunning is the word on the street. With summer already underway in Guangzhou, I expect the ZEYA to flow like Nongfu Spring.”

            Sophie Steiner

            The flavors are lighter and less sweet, making it more crushable. I was going to try one and ended up drinking three. As for Ryan's comment: I would gladly shotgun one; just stab it with a key and let it rip!

            Phoebe Kut

            A nice alternative to cider or sour beer or for those looking to slim the waistline. Bonus that there aren’t any artificial colorings in the drinks. Passion fruit and grapefruit are the best flavors for me; crisp and not too sweet.

            Why trust us though? Try ZEYA Hard Seltzer yourself by scanning the QR code:


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