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          1. Xi Jinping Announces Victory over Extreme Poverty in China

            By That's, February 25, 2021

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            President Xi Jinping said China has eradicated extreme poverty during a ceremony in Beijing on Thursday.

            At an event held in the Great Hall of the People, Xi handed out awards to key individuals involved in the campaign, which has been a central goal since he took over power in 2012.

            “The CCP’s leadership and China’s socialist system are the fundamental guarantees against risks, challenges and difficulties,” said Xi during the ceremony, as cited by Reuters.

            READ MORE: China Wants to Eliminate Poverty by 2020

            On Thursday, state-run People’s Daily published a front-page article tracking the president‘s efforts in addressing poverty throughout the country. China is said to have lifted nearly 100 million impoverished rural residents out of poverty, with all impoverished counties and villages removed from the poverty list.

            Xi first addressed targeting poverty alleviation back in November 2013 during an inspection tour in Hunan province, according to CGTN. Xi said the country had invested RMB1.6 trillion in its fight against poverty over the past eight years.

            READ MORE: China Lifts 85 Million People from Extreme Poverty in 6 Years

            According to Reuters, global policy experts have said China’s definition of poverty is lower than the global threshold set by the World Bank. Extreme rural poverty is defined in China as an annual per capita income of under RMB4,000 yuan (USD1.69 a day), compared to the World Bank’s threshold of USD1.90 a day.

            [Cover image via @包頭日報/Weibo]

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